Our President

Dear Student,

I believe that the greatest days to minister within the local church are still ahead of us. God is looking for serious minded men and women willing to surrender their lives for the cause of Jesus Christ, and who desire to be used mightily by God for the evangelization of the lost.

Trinity Baptist Bible College is a refuge for serious minded students. Prospective students desiring to be trained in a college where the Bible (KJV) is taught and preached should consider Trinity Baptist Bible College. Students and their pastors can be certain of the college’s stand for traditional music, faithfulness to Biblical doctrines, and separation from the world.

TBBC is located in the DFW Metroplex, just a few miles from the birthplace of the Fundamental Baptist movement in America. Early in the last century, God used Dr. J. Frank Norris, pastor of the great First Baptist Church of Fort Worth, to impact his city, the state of Texas, and the nation for Christ. Where are men like Norris for our day? We believe they are sitting in churches across America. TBBC is dedicated to the training and preparation of men and women for God. Students may apply the teaching received in the classroom within the ministries of Trinity Baptist Church, including; Sunday School, the bus program, prison ministry, nursing home ministries, the Christian school, and most importantly, through personal soul winning.

Trinity is a church with a heart to reach the DFW area. Our goal is to see great numbers of churches started all around the DFW area, the state, and the nation. Opportunities for ministry are unlimited. As you seek God’s will for your spiritual training, please consider TBBC for these reasons: (1) a positive and encouraging environment, (2) an outstanding local church in which to serve, and (3) dedication to teaching the historical Baptist distinctives. May God give you His wisdom as you seek His will.

To God be the Glory,
Dr. Todd Lasseter
President, Trinity Baptist Bible College
Pastor, Trinity Baptist Church


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