Financial Information

Application Fee - $25.00

This non-refundable fee must accompany every application.


Registration Fee - $175.00

This registration fee should be sent to the Financial Office when you receive your written notice of acceptance to Trinity Baptist Bible College. This fee should be paid as soon as possible to ensure placement in the college, but must be paid no later than registration day or a late fee will be imposed. This fee will be $25.00 per semester if the student is taking 5 or fewer credit hours.


Late Registration Fee - $20.00

There is a $20.00 charge for students registering after the registration date.


Tuition - $1750.00

Students will be charged this tuition fee each semester for a course load of 12-18 hours. Students taking more than 18 hours in a semester will be charged an additional $110.00 for each hour in excess of 18 hours. Students taking less than 12 credit hours in a semester will be charged $150.00 per credit hour.


Room - $1500.00

This charge, due each semester, includes housing for our on-campus students. If a student elects to remain in housing during Christmas holidays, he must pay a $10.00 per day fee, not to include meals.


Graduation Fee - $75.00

Every graduating senior will be charged this fee in April of the spring semester of the year of his graduation to cover his diploma, cap, and gown.


Computer Class Fee - $50.00

This fee will be charged to every student enrolled in a computer class. There will be no book charge unless the student desires to purchase the text.


Computer Lab Fee - $25.00

This fee will be charged to every student each semester for the usage of the computer lab.


Private Piano Fee - $100.00

This fee will be charged every semester for students enrolled in private piano lessons.




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