About Us

A College with a Purpose...
Trinity Baptist Bible College exists for one reason—to give its students the tools they need to obey Jesus Christ by going into all the world to preach and teach the gospel to every creature. We are not here so you can ―have fun in college.‖ We know that college can be fun, but a Bible college demands serious-minded, sold-out-for-Christ young people. If that is you, we are here to help you.

Philosophy & Purpose

1. To prepare pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and full-time Christian church workers with a high standard of Biblical study which is fundamental and evangelical in nature.

2. To teach, promote, and defend that body of Biblical truth held by Baptists through the ages.

3. To teach the Bible and its practical application in all areas of ministry.

Because of the distinctively Christian philosophy and purpose of TBBC, we do not consider ourselves to be in competition with any school, college, or university which is training people for full-time secular employment. There is no department of TBBC which seeks to prepare graduates for secular service, state employment, federal government employment, or any other form of secular employment. Thus, in secular terminology, TBBC is a religious seminary.

Our graduates are prepared to serve God in the independent, fundamental Baptist churches of America as pastors and teachers, church secretaries, missionaries, evangelists, and sacred musicians.


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